The bane of honor

"Love is the bane of honor, the death of duty." -- Aemon Targaryen, A Song of Ice and Fire: A Game of Thrones.

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When this is all over, let’s go have some fun again.

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Courtesy of the BPS chat: onesilenthour, half-sleeping, chippokenabokura, YanYan, and me

Touou: are wolves. That’s all we’ve got so far.

Kaijou: are foxes. Kise is the cheery young fox forever irritating the leader, Kasamatsu.

Yousen: Would all be walruses, Himuro is the only fur seal. Murasakibara is the sulkiest walrus ever.

Seirin: Penguins. Kiyoshi is an elephant seal, though, that tries to hide among the penguins.

Rakuzan: All polar bears, let by Akashi, an emperor penguin, who rides them.

Kagami: The hapless BBC cameraman filming all of this. Gets adopted by the Seirin penguins, who valiantly try to teach him how to hunt and fish. Has the urge to wrestle with the polar bears and the walruses.

oneslienthour: kagami is their pet human now

oneslienthour:  their very confused pet human

thebaneofhonor: very

thebaneofhonor: confused

oneslienthour: the confused pet human who keeps chasing polar bears…

chippokenabokura: do they give him fish

oneslienthour: they’re very worried about him….

chippokenabokura: he doesn’t seem to know how to hunt

oneslienthour: they probably do and then he cooks it

Nijimura: is the puffin.

Kuroko: is a whale

half-sleeping: actually maybe Kuroko is the blue whale

half-sleeping: under the ice

half-sleeping: THERE THE WHOLE TIME

oneslienthour: “I was there the whole time,” says the ice.

Kuroko is the loneliest whale in the world, forever searching for his missing friend.

oneslienthour: Oh yeah whales find each other with songs right

oneslienthour: Maybe Akashi made it so that Ogiwara couldn’t sing so Kuroko can’t find him


Title: The People Who Live in the Iceberg
Characters/Pairing: Kagami / Kuroko (KagaKuro), Aomine, Momoi, Ogiwara
Challenge: 90 (Postcards).
Summary: Kagami leaves Japan. Kuroko asks him for postcards. Things can never be so straightforward when you are best friends separated by continents.

Distance is more a product of the mind than a physical unit. All it takes is a combined effort of two minds, and it can be traversed. This was what Kuroko believed, so deeply ingrained in him it was carved into his heart like an Egyptian hieroglyph. Is it any surprise to anyone? Kuroko, after all, holds friendships close to him, as though they are extensions from his being. Hence when Kagami tells him at the end of their senior year in high school, “I’m going back to America once I graduate,” there is barely a flicker of an eyelid.

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"I decided when I left Tokyo. I will see this through the end."


2014. 4인방 생일♡

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"That’s rude. Shishio-sama said we can play."

Kamiki Ryunosuke as Seta Soujiro requested by fiamontague ^^x
Hori-senpai with bangs down!

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Psycho-Pass 2 PV — New chapter, start.”

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Psycho-Pass S2: ENFORCERS

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Imagine finding a dragon egg one day, and it hatches in your house and thinks you’re its mom. Then the next morning you wake up and find this mini dragon has gathered all the lose change and shiny objects in your house in a pile, and is gnawing on a nickel. And then when you take it out for walks, it picks up every coin it sees cause its a hoarder. And your house is eventually full of coins. And you are rich. And have a dragon.

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The Scottish Highlands

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Twente, Netherlands (by serni)